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A disclaimer: finding scientific articles dealing with the subjects covered in "Emergent Computation: Emphasizing Bioinformatics" requires a great deal of work and time. The major reason for this is that the subjects of Bioinformatics from the point of view of Mathematical Linguistics as well as applications of Mathematical Linguistics in areas such as Biology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Geology, Chemistry, etc. are not yet recognized as a discipline of study. As a consequence, it is not claimed that the scientific articles or books cited here constitute all the relevant articles that may have been published, just those that have come to light. To ease organization and thus help in locating papers, the papers have been organized into three categories:

Recently Published Papers by Category

Much of the information contained at this web site is either entirely new material (such as the use of DNA, RNA or Proteins in Nanotechnology), or is new material that extends what has been discussed in "Emergent Computation: Emphasizing Bioinformatics" or else is background information that helps in understanding subject matter. Specific examples of thirty languages (or aspects of Automata Theory) that make use of some of the new reference material are pointed out here.

That the study of linguistics when not focused upon human languages requires a different semantics has escaped most researchers in linguistics. N. Chomsky limits semantics only to human languages. Thus it should be no surprise that N. Chomsky rejects applying linguistics except to human beings. Almost all the examples of languages discussed in "Emergent Computation: Emphasizing Bioinformatics" do not consciously and explicitly explore questions of semantics (although the author has explicitly discussed this viewpoint). However, in this web site, a few authors should be noted when considering questions of semantics.

  1. Languages and Genetics (an explicit discussion of semantics)
  2. The linguistic morphology found in nucleotide sequences (an explicit discussion of semantics)
  3. Linguistic study of aspects of geology (but no explicit discussion of semantics)
  4. Syrian Golden Hamster Food-hoarding, one Chomsky Finite-State Language (but no explicit discussion of semantics)
  5. Bengalese finches, two Chomsky Finite-State automata (with an explicit discussion of semantics)
  6. Pseudoknot Chaining, one modified Context-Free "rearranging" Language (but no explicit discussion of semantics)
  7. Stochastic TAG/CYK, one Context-Sensitive Stochastic Language (but no explicit discussion of semantics)


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